ClearVoxel Imaging is bridging the gap between innovation and clinical adoption in medical imaging. We are building a platform which addresses the needs of innovators and the requirements of adopters, to ultimately advance medical imaging to better care.

Building for innovation

With our platform as the cornerstone, your technology is built on a robust and future-proof foundation.


Building for adoption

Seamlessly integrated into the clinical workflow,  tools and advanced analyses are designed with end-users in mind.


Building for outcomes

We see the future of medical imaging; meaningful diagnostics, advanced analysis tools and artifical intelligence.


A  platform for innovators

We recognize that innovation takes on many different forms. The ClearVoxel platform is based on core functionalities and development tools to translate our clinical application . We offer the level of support that’s right for you.

Designed for clinicians

We believe in workflow efficiency and ease-of-use. We know that advanced image analysis should not be burdensome to your practice and that clinical utility must justify any advanced method.

Driving outcomes for patients

The impact of medical imaging in patient care will continue to rise and play a critical role in the emergence of personalized medicine, and advanced analytics such as big data and artificial intelligence. ClearVoxel’s platform, designed from the ground-up for translation, will facilitate the emergence of these new applications to produce meaningful diagnostics.

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