Radiology with fewer clicks.

This is your reads and your workflow. 

This is not CAD.

Beyond the mouse

Keep your viewer

Works with your existing DICOM viewer.

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Plug and Play

No integration with your PACS or RIS is required.


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No hassles

Operates silently and invisibly until needed.

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Leverage the data

Provides operational data to guide quality improvements.

About Us

ClearVoxel imaging was founded in 2017 to allow radiologists to diagnose patients more quickly and accurately.  We believe that AI will help radiologists, but that radiology and  AI aren’t ready for each other yet.  We are augmenting the the workflow today, to remove clicks and increase confidence and consistency of reads.


Yann Gagnon


Founder and CEO 

Yann is a physicist with 15 years of experience developing new medical imaging technologies  He places tremendous value on understanding clinical problems to create solutions that are valuable in practice.  

Alek Hackett


Lead Software Developer

Alek and a creative and productive software developer, passionate to make a difference with the software he creates.

Apurva Misra


Machine Learning Engineer

Apurva brings a wealth of experience using machine learning to analyse cognition using eye-tracking and physiological sensors.

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