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To build the best medical image interpretation workflow, one which symbiotically combines the experience and judgement of humans with the power of data-driven machine intelligence.



As medical knowledge continues to increase and as the ability of AI to synthesize data in meaningful ways continues to improve,  expert medical practitioners will need efficient interfaces to access the insights they need.



We commit to building technology that will result in the best outcome possible for patients.  We also commit to serve our customers, partners and employees with fairness and respect.


Yann Gagnon


Founder and CEO 

Yann is a physicist with 15 years of experience developing new medical imaging technologies  He places tremendous value on understanding clinical problems to create solutions that are valuable in practice.  

Alek Hackett


Lead Software Developer

Alek and a creative and productive software developer, passionate to make a difference with the software he creates.

Apurva Misra


Machine Learning Engineer

Apurva brings a wealth of experience using machine learning to analyse cognition using eye-tracking and physiological sensors.

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