Add one-click collaboration

to any PACS or viewer
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From your workstation… 

…to any browser.

Simple and robust.


Start or schedule a session with one click.  Get a secure link and passcode to share.

Bespoked for radiology


Share a single viewport or multiple-screens. 
Two-way collaboration and mark-up tools.

End-to-end security


 Encrypted data transfer.
Built-in patient de-identification layer. 

Handy and flexible

Available with and without conferencing integration.
Optimizes images according to devices being used.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will this work on my PACS and viewer?

A. Most likely!  We support all radiology workstations running Microsoft Windows as an operating system.

Q. How do I start a collaboration session?

A. You can start, or schedule a collaboration session right from the QuickShare widget with one click!

Q. Can I control what is shared?

A. Absolutely.  From a single viewport to your entire desktop, you can choose what you share during the collaboration session.  The display of the content is optimised for the screen of the recipient. 

Q. What about security and privacy?

A. We use end-to-end encryption equivalent to the best telemedicine solutions to ensure security.  Further, no patient identifying information is shared unless initiated by the session’s host.  We even use OCR  (optical character recognition) to remove DICOM tags or any other text that may have been inadvertently left on-screen.

Q. Why did you choose to build this?

A. COVID-19 has brought with it a new clinical reality.  Radiologists told us they wanted this tool so that they may better interface with other physicians remotely – without replacing their PACS!

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